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How to Find the Right Real Estate Agent to Sell Your Home?

How to Find the Right Real Estate Agent to Sell Your Home?

This eight-step guide is enough to make sure you land the right property agent. All you need to do is: lean back and read through it!

Finding a good real estate agent to sell your home can be difficult.

It’s like finding the perfect person for you on Tinder, but with more paperwork and thousands of dollars at stake.

No doubt, the decision to sell your home is among the biggest decisions of most people’s lives…

And with all the excitement on the facade, there’s one thing lurking in the backdrop – worry!

Thoughts such as: ‘Will I find the right buyer?’ or ‘Who’s going to guide me?’ are very natural.

And to satisfy them you’ll need someone to have your back – most likely, a real estate agent!


What Does a Real Estate Agent Do?

FACT: Did you know about 89% of homeowners hire a property agent to get them through their property sale smoothly.

That’s huge, isn’t it?

But what does a real estate agent actually do for home sellers?

Well, a property agent takes on all the responsibilities that go into selling your home.

Real estate agents do everything from recommending renovations, to listing your property online or offline, marketing, negotiating with potential buyers, and coordinating inspections.

But most importantly of all – they must be able to get you an offer on your home before they make money, so they are very motivated to find you a good buyer! 

Now, while there is no single formula that works for everyone, here are some steps you should take to find the best agent to sell your home:


Top Eight Tips to Find the Right Property Agent

The eight-step guide below is enough to make sure that you land the right real estate agent.

All you need to do is: Lean back and read through it!


1) Use Trusted Resources For Your Search

As a first step, you’ll probably take to the internet to search for real estate agents, right?

But sadly, anyone with a few hundred bucks for a membership can get listed on one of the cheaper sites out there…

So there is no guarantee that you’ll find the best agent just by choosing the first search result.

So the best approach is to search only on highly trusted sites that are known for their credibility.

Also, you can home-in and search for the best agents in your area specifically. This will offer much better search results.

The point is: never go for random unknown sites and agents… Always use credible and verified resources.


2) Interview at least Three Prospective Agents

Once you’ve shortlisted your agents from different sources, it’s time to interview them…

It’s best to interview at least three property agents and see which one is the right fit.

An important thing to note here is that real estate agents are excellent talkers (mostly), so stop yourself from getting caught in their sales talk by asking them specific questions for definite answers…

On your first call you can ask them about:

  • their approach,
  • their experience,
  • their schedule,
  • details for past home sales,
  • and lots of other information…

But if they seem to answer evasively, you’d perhaps want to dial the next property sale agent.


3) Assess The Agents’ Past Transaction Records

Now you must ask your agent to show you their records – meaning how much experience they have and how many jobs they have got done in your area precisely.

Analyze their records and verify them with the given sources thoroughly.


4) Ask for Client References…

This is really a sure-fire way to make sure your money is with the right agent…

By getting to talk to the previous clients of your real estate agent you not only feel secure and confident inside but also from then on you’re able to trust your agent more…

Because you know that you’re dealing with someone who knows how to win the game and sell homes at a good price.

But Wait… Beware of fake testimonials and client references.

Always go in person to meet the past clients (rather than talk on the phone) to be 100% sure of their identity!


5) Make Sure Your Agent ‘Knows’ the Market

As a layman, you’ll definitely be so full of questions. And that’s OK…

But if your questions are met with vague and elusive answers from the agent’s side, it should ring an alarm bell for you!

An expert real estate agent would most likely be overflowing with information and their responses will be coming even before your questions.

That’s the sign of someone who knows the real estate market!

So don’t be shy to ask lots of questions from your agent…


6) Pick the One Who Gets Along With You

Above all, choose an agent with whom you hit it off instantly!

Some property investors have pointed out that having a strong vibe with your agent is absolutely important.

And that if all is well with your agent but still you don’t get along well with them then it’s best not to drag on…

Because if you’re not comfortable with them how can you even open up and talk freely? 

So, you and your agent being on the same page (personality-wise) matters more than you can imagine…


7) Look for Honesty and Passion!

Finally, look for honesty and passion in your prospective real estate agent or broker.

If they have an honest, open approach things will go smooth and even thousands of dollars’ transactions will seem like an easy job.

Also, you’ll be big-time lucky if you can find an agent who’s as passionate and spirited as you are about the deal.

Because that goes to show that they love and live their work – rather than take it as a part-time side job.


8) OR… Bypass Steps 1 -7 and Get An In-House Agent If You Can

Many home listing and real estate sites like Zillow or AQRE Home have a built network of trusted agents across their many cities and states.

When you have an exclusive listing, or you trust your listing company, then getting an in-house agent with them is certainly going to offer you the best of both worlds…

By tapping into this network, you get access to pre-vetted agents with a proven track record, who have worked with your listing company in the past to sell homes just like yours.

This means that the listing company has already done their homework and you don’t need to spend as much time getting referrals and checking references like in the case of an independent agent.

And since your trust is already with the listing company, you automatically get the best agents to list your home for sale.

Is That All to Finding the Right Property Agent?

That’s not all…

The above tips are a rough sketch of how you can find the right real estate agent for you.

You can use them to guide you – but obviously, there’s the money factor (how much commission you are willing to pay) and many other limitations to consider.

For anyone ready to sell your home…

AQRE Home is a fantastic resource for home sellers who are looking to sell their properties quickly.

The company has created an exclusive network of trusted agents across many cities and states that can help you find the best agent for your deal, save time getting referrals, and reduce the risk of dealing with independent agents.

For more information about how AQRE Home can be used by both buyers and sellers alike, visit, or contact us today!

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