Price Range: from $1,000.00 to $10,000,000.00
Size Range: from 10 SqFt to 10,000 SqFt
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How To Analyze Real Estate Investments (And Choose The Best)

Let me ask you a question: How long do you spend picking out clothes each morning? 5 minutes? Even if you’re the speediest dresser, you probably spend longer choosing your outfit than most investors spend doing the math for their real estate investments… Yikes! Unfortunately, people choose their deals based on intuition, not analytics. Ugh. […]

AQRE Guide to Crowdfunding For Real Estate – How to Invest

Basic crowdfunding is nothing new. In fact, it’s been around since at least 1713, the year that Alexander Pope funded his translation of Homer’s Iliad with money from 750 individual donors. And today, crowdfunding still exists in the world of investments…. Any time that people pool their resources to complete a project that would be […]

AQRE Guide to Making Money in Real Estate: Direct Investing

For beginner real estate investors, there is one important choice to rule them all: are you going to invest in tangible real estate assets or in passive REITs and digital real estate platforms? The decision will determine a lot of the actions you’ll take as an investor. Before you decide which path is right for […]

AQRE Guide to Making Money in Real Estate: Calculate your ROI

So far we’ve covered the paths investors can take to earn a profit in real estate. As a beginner investor, you can choose to follow any of them and still succeed – from owning your home to being a landlord, investing in REITs and more. That’s quite exciting! In real estate, the possibilities are truly […]

AQRE Guide to Making Money in Real Estate: Income

Last week we covered appreciation, the oldest and most common way for investors to profit from their real estate holdings. This week, let’s talk about the second major way that real estate generates wealth. It’s the one that we most commonly associate with real estate profits: income. What is Real Estate Income? In the simplest terms, […]