Price Range: from $1,000.00 to $10,000,000.00
Size Range: from 10 SqFt to 10,000 SqFt
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Why You Should Lose “Hope” in Real Estate Investing

No, I don’t mean giving up. And I don’t mean not having goals either. But it might be time to change your hopeful mindset to something more aggressive. C’mon daddy needs a new pair of shoes… Literally. We’re dying out here. If you’re starting out in real estate investing, you might have a lot of […]

AQRE Guide to Making Money in Real Estate: Direct Investing

For beginner real estate investors, there is one important choice to rule them all: are you going to invest in tangible real estate assets or in passive REITs and digital real estate platforms? The decision will determine a lot of the actions you’ll take as an investor. Before you decide which path is right for […]

Should I Invest in Utility or Security Tokens?

We previously discussed the differences between crypto coins and tokens, and we learned that tokens are specifically offered through ICOs. But that was just the beginning because tokens themselves come in a few different flavours. And the two most prominent types are security and utility tokens. But which should you invest in? Utility Tokens Utility […]

AQRE Guide to Making Money in Real Estate: Calculate your ROI

So far we’ve covered the paths investors can take to earn a profit in real estate. As a beginner investor, you can choose to follow any of them and still succeed – from owning your home to being a landlord, investing in REITs and more. That’s quite exciting! In real estate, the possibilities are truly […]

AQRE Guide to Making Money in Real Estate: Income

Last week we covered appreciation, the oldest and most common way for investors to profit from their real estate holdings. This week, let’s talk about the second major way that real estate generates wealth. It’s the one that we most commonly associate with real estate profits: income. What is Real Estate Income? In the simplest terms, […]

AQRE Guide to Making Money in Real Estate: Appreciation

AQRE is just one unique part of North America’s real estate ecosystem. Maybe you’re only starting to learn about the investment possibilities in this space. Maybe you’re already using tools like AQRE or REITs but want to find out about other ways to make money. Either way, it’s worth learning, for real, how real estate […]