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Check These 3 Flaws Before Buying an Older Home, They Could Spell Trouble

Check These 3 Flaws Before Buying an Older Home, They Could Spell Trouble

Older homes and fixer-uppers can be beautiful character homes and great investments. But fixer-uppers can also hide some serious flaws that aren’t easy to spot for new home buyers.

Some of these flaws may seem like little things, but they can turn into huge headaches and can be dangerous if you don’t keep an eye on them.

To make sure your fixer-upper is a good investment and not a gamble, check for these 3 hidden issues that may plague older homes before you buy:

1. Outdated Wiring Can Be A Significant Fire Hazard

If you are looking at an older home, there’s a good chance that its walls still hide original wiring that was installed before modern building standards. This will become increasingly risky as you install modern appliances or technology that requires more electrical current than the older house’s wiring was designed for, making it a fire hazard.

A quick check of the circuit-breaker panel or fuse box and the wires leading from it can give an idea of just how old the wiring is. You will want to ensure the wiring is up to date.

2. Poor Plumbing Can Lead To Rot Or Worse

Plumbing can also be an issue in older houses – especially those in places that experience a cold winter. Water pipes tend to expand and contract due to temperature, which can lead to stress and leaks over time. Moreover, even though older pipes are typically made of metal, they can still wear out.

Any water damage in the house could indicate that the plumbing system has already failed or is failing. This can lead to tens of thousands of dollars in repairs on your fixer-upper home because it was not properly maintained in the first place. This is the last thing you want, so be sure to have the plumbing professionally inspected.


3. Weak Roof And Insulation Can Cost You Thousands

While the roof might look solid from the outside, it may not be as well put together on the inside. Even the smallest of holes or leaks in roof membrane can wreak havoc on the structural integrity of the roof. It’s worth spending some time in the attic to inspect the inside of the roof, the condition of the insulation, and how well the entire structure is holding up.

The roof and walls of older homes are often full of holes, cracks, and voids where heat can escape, leading to drafty, uncomfortable spaces and huge energy bills.

Leaks and cracks in walls and ceilings can also be symptoms of structural damage that need to be inspected by a professional. Don’t leave these inspections until after your purchase is done!


While the above list might sound a bit scary, it isn’t meant to turn you away from buying a fixer-upper or an older character home. If you’re diligent in checking out the home’s history and invest in a professional inspection, you’ll stay safe.

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