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How Can the Blockchain Help You Invest in Real Estate?

Blockchain technology is revolutionizing a number of industries and the ways they do business. And the real estate industry could have the most potential.

Blockchain is the future of real estate.

Despite residential and commercial real estate investments earning $31.8 trillion in the United States in 2017, a whopping 71% of Americans still wish the process was better streamlined, with 48% saying they would be more likely to invest if technology made the procedure easier. Millions of potential investors are missing out on lucrative investment opportunities because of the numerous complicated hurdles just to apply.

And even if you do manage to navigate the complications of applying, the entire investment process is antiquated and outdated for our modern world.

Investments are highly expensive and often require industry expertise. They also have to be very “hands-on”, with a fair share of legal agreements and contracts for you to read and sign. Even then, there aren’t a lot of security measures to safely hold your investment rights. Moreover, it’s hard to diversify your portfolio amongst multiple real estate assets, so you’re either all in or you’re out.

And to make matters worse, all of this takes a lot of time.

Incorporating the blockchain into this process easily solves all these problems to ensure a smooth, secure, user-friendly experience.

Being deregulated on the blockchain means skipping out on all the legal agreements and hassles of dealing with fiat exchanges. Your transaction history and records are instead publicly stored on the blockchain, so your investments are safe from human error and any security risks. Smart contracts in the blockchain system also guarantee your investment payouts are always correct and timely.

By tokenizing real estate assets, new waves of accessibility are opened up. With this, the barrier to entry for real estate investing lowers significantly, as investors can acquire much cheaper fractional ownership. This fractional ownership allows diversified portfolios not possible in current real estate investments and is cost-effective, easy, and fast.

Fortunately, unlike most other tokens in the crypto market, real estate tokens avoid the volatility associated with cryptocurrencies by being backed by the much safer real estate market. This ensures continued regular updates and a healthy coin value.

The real estate side of these investments is comfortably easy too, with professional property acquisition and management being handled by experts, leaving you to reap the rewards without unnecessary work or involvement.

Blockchain incorporation is all benefits with no downsides. The Chelle Coin takes advantage of these blockchain capabilities to evolve the real estate investing system.

The hurdles of real estate investing are being erased as the blockchain brings safe, instant investments that don’t make your head spin. All the hard work is covered behind the scenes by the amazing technology and real estate professionals handling the physical assets. With blockchain integration, real estate investing can now be done by anyone.

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