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4 Home Staging Ideas That Are Heavy on the “Wow” Factor but Light on the Wallet

4 Home Staging Ideas That Are Heavy on the “Wow” Factor but Light on the Wallet

There’s nothing quite like the moment a potential buyer steps into your home for the first time and literally gets goosebumps. That is the magic of home staging, and it is sure to sell your home faster and above asking price. 

With that in mind, let’s explore four staging ideas proposed by the AQRE Home real estate experts that won’t cost a fortune but are sure to impress your buyers. Hint: They do involve a bit of work on your part, but the rewards are well worth it!

#1: Clean The Place Until It Shines

The first and most obvious idea is not going to cost you much more than your time. To impress your buyer, your home needs to be absolutely, positively spotless. This means tidying up your closets, de-cluttering the garage, and cleaning everything from top to bottom.

The floors should be so clean that you would have no issue eating off of them. The walls should be clean and free of marks. Windows and mirrors buffed to a sparkling shine. If there’s dirt to be found, rest assured that potential buyers will see it!


#2: Buy New Slip Covers And Sheet Sets

If your furniture is looking a little faded or time-worn, new slip covers can revive their appearance in virtually no time at all. And as a bonus, you can color match them to the rest of the room’s palette so that your furniture fits in perfectly for staging.

It is also a great idea to ensure that you have new-looking, matching sheet sets on all of the beds. The bedroom is where your buyers will spend a huge part of their day and a new bedspread can help buyers imagine themselves in a stylish, clean space. The bedrooms don’t need to look like hotel rooms, but they do need to look good.

Plus, it doesn’t cost much to buy new sets – perhaps around $300 for everything.

#3: Invest In Better Lighting For Important Rooms

When it comes to staging your home for sale, sometimes all you need is a little bit of light to achieve an impressive look and feel. When was the last time you replaced the bulbs in your fixtures and lamps? If you are still using dull older incandescent bulbs, it’s time to invest in newer LED or compact fluorescent lighting.

It is best to try to match the color temperature of the bulbs to the rest of the room so that the room’s color and ‘feel’ don’t clash with the lighting. If this is a bit above your head, consider having a lighting expert come in to help light the important, high-traffic areas.


#4: Use Plants To Add A Bit Of Warmth And Life

Finally, if your home is lacking a bit of plant life, it might be time to take a quick trip to the local nursery. Plants are a great way to inject color and life into any room and even keep the air fresh. Consider using potted plants as accents to spice up the space around your fireplace or in corners of the living room. If you prefer a pop of color, you can always add a flowering plant that’s currently in bloom. There is no need for anything too large – just a simple little plant on a table can work.

And there you have it – four simple ways to stage your home for sale in a way that impresses without breaking the bank. A little bit of creativity and imagination can go a long way when you are trying to sell your home quickly and in top condition.

If you are thinking about listing your home for sale or would like to learn more staging tips from our team of real estate experts, contact AQRE Home today at, or call us at 1 844 424-AQRE (2773). We are happy to share our experience and help get your home sold quickly and at a great price!


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