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Home Sellers: Curb Appeal 101 – How to Prepare Your Home for Maximum Exposure

Home Sellers: Curb Appeal 101 – How to Prepare Your Home for Maximum Exposure

Do you remember the first time you shopped for or purchased a home? If so, think back to that moment. What did you first notice? Do you remember certain aspects of the home’s appearance, or perhaps some unique landscape feature? Was it the bright color of the freshly-painted door or the glossy sheen from the clean windows?

No matter how great your home is on the inside, ‘curb appeal’ – that is, how your home looks from the curb – is important. Below we’ll share why.

Curb Appeal Gives A Strong First Impression

The first impression that your home gives is one that will last. If your paint is fading or chipped, your siding is damaged, your roof is in disrepair, or your gutters are hanging loose, what do you expect a potential buyer to think of your house? It’s safe to assume that if you can’t be bothered to pull the weeds in the garden or rake up the leaves that there may be other maintenance issues lurking.

Remember, your goal is to sell your home as quickly as possible and for the best price. If your house looks like it’s in perfect shape from the outside, potential buyers will want to explore further.

Curb Appeal Attracts The Drive-By Buyers

You may not be aware, but many potential home buyers won’t bother connecting with your real estate agent or showing up to your open house events. Instead, they’ll drive by to get a feel for how the house and property look from the outside. Some might peer into your backyard or take a quick look around the lot as well. When prospective residents see a well maintained exterior with appealing landscaping, they know that what awaits them inside is likely to be of high value.

It’s critical that your home appear in peak condition at all times during the sales process. If your curb appeal declines, you may end up losing out on a potential sale.

 Set Your Home Apart From The Neighbors

Contrast is another reason why focusing on your home’s curb appeal is important. If your curb appeal sets you apart, then it’s likely buyers are going to notice your property and be more interested.

Potential home buyers will be comparing your house with others on the same street and across the neighborhood. If your house is the best looking one on the block, it’s more likely to sell for a high price than if it’s the runt of the litter.

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