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Crypto Know-How: Is an Airdrop Really Free Cryptocurrency?

Crypto Know-How: Is an Airdrop Really Free Cryptocurrency?

Looking for free cryptocurrency? Airdrops are your best source, but what are they and how do they work?

Unfortunately you can’t jump into your cryptocurrency fortune like Scrooge McDuck. Credit: ShutterStock

An Airdrop is a process by which a blockchain company will distribute their specific cryptocurrency to users, usually for free. This cryptocurrency reward system is often sent to many people at a time, directly to their crypto wallets.

Airdrops are a powerful tool for any ICO looking to spread awareness. Distributing free cryptocurrency to enthusiastic community members is an easy way to ensure healthy coin growth. Airdrop receivers also gain increased interest in the project, since they’re now holding crypto tokens they can use for future planned implementations.

Companies looking to send out Airdrop rewards can do so under any requirements they deem necessary. Some may decide on a list of conditions for users to undergo to receive tokens, such as promoting the ICO on social media, while others could to send them out entirely at random.

So, what are some things you should have if you plan to go get Airdrops?

An Active Ethereum Wallet

It should go without saying, but you’ll need a wallet if you want any cryptocurrency. Most Airdropped cryptocurrencies are ERC20 tokens, so your wallet needs to be compatible. Some Airdrops also need at least some activity history with your wallet to avoid scams. Fortunately, we have a handy guide on how wallets work too!

A Telegram Account

Telegram is the definitive cryptocurrency messaging service, so it’s no wonder why many Airdrops will require you to follow their accounts. You’ll need your own to do that and to also get in on discussing everything crypto with fellow supporters.

A Twitter Account

Telegram may be specialized for cryptocurrency talk, but Twitter remains the mainstream king of social media. Like Telegram, Airdrop accounts might ask you to follow them on Twitter and maybe even tweet about them, so you’ll need your own profile to participate.

And it’s just that easy. ICOs want to succeed, and you can capitalize on that by joining their Airdrop programs for free, easy cryptocurrency sent right to your wallet.

You could even get Chelle Coins through our own Airdrops, so sign up and start earning now!

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